July 2022 course in Spain, Salamanca

2 hours from Madrid

150,000 inhabitants

The third oldest university in Europe, the oldest in Spain in 1218
The cradle of the Spanish language
The Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Dates and prices:
July 4-15 (If you want to go fewer days, ask us)
€690 (payment can be made in instalments)
Second person from the same family, 40% discount (€414)
2 students in the same class, 10% discount each (621€)
4 levels
A1 (completely initial, for some companions)
A2, B1, B2

What does the course include?
Includes: accommodation in a newly built residence.
Single or double rooms (couples or family) all with private shower.
The night before the course is included, total 12 nights.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner, included every day, with menus adapted to the needs of the students.
Possibility of reserving extra nights, for only €45 with full board.
Spanish course (50 academic hours)
All materials and final diploma
Guides in activities and visits to museums.

The residence
Res. Méndez (San Claudio 13)
+34 679 12 53 38

  • Individual rooms
  • Private bathroom
  • Enclosure closed
  • Laundry
  • Breakfast and lunch included
  • 24h surveillance
  • Cleaning once a week
  • Internet

School and classes

School Colegio Maestro Ávila

Classes from 9:30-13:45 (with a 30m break)
5 minutes from accommodation
Maximum 10 students per class
50 academic hours in 2 weeks
Three different levels
Books created by teachers from the Picasso Center


Course Objectives

The initial Spanish diploma from the Picasso Center accredits the student’s ability to:
The student is able to understand frequently used everyday phrases and expressions related to areas of experience that are especially relevant to him (basic information about himself and his family, shopping, places of interest, occupations, etc.).

The intermediate Spanish diploma from the Picasso Center certifies the student’s ability to:
Understand the main points of plain texts and in standard language if they deal with issues that are familiar to them.
Get along in most of the situations that may arise during a trip through areas where the language is used.

The advanced Spanish diploma from the Picasso Center accredits the student’s ability to:
Interact with native speakers with a sufficient degree of naturalness so that communication is carried out effortlessly.
Produce clear and detailed texts on various topics, as well as defend a point of view on general topics. Write developed texts.

Activities and events:

Tapas: Enjoy Spanish gastronomy
Swimming pool
Local Museum of Salamanca (free)
Automobile Museum (free)
Casa Lis Museum (free)
Art Center (former prison) (free)
Cathedrals and most representative monuments (free)
Visit to the Cathedral at night
Boat ride on the river
Spanish cinema
Paella: Course and tasting
Jamones de Salamanca: Visit to a factory (free)
Market: Get to know the freshest local foods (free)

Weekend trips
Zamora: Visit Zamora, a jewel of Hispanic Romanesque. Guide included
Visit of the Holy Week museum. Get to know its main monuments, its beautiful cathedral and all its history. Price 50€

Brave Bulls: Visit to a Brave Bull Farm where the breeding and development of fighting bulls are explained.
The visit takes place in the main house of the hacienda.
Students in small groups will tour the farm in an off-road vehicle and will be able to enjoy the bulls just a few meters away. Price 50€

Ávila: The sign of identity is its complete medieval wall, in the Romanesque style, also highlighting other representative constructions such as the Salvador Cathedral, and its medieval historic center, in an excellent state of conservation, was declared a World Heritage Site in 1985. Price 50€


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