• Hector Alcocer Femenia
    Hector Alcocer Femenia Teacher

    Hector was born in Valencia in 1985.
    He studied Catalan Philology at the University of Valencia.
    After several occasional jobs in Spain translating papers from Spanish to Catalan, teaching the
    Catalan language to private students, and collaborating in initiatives to promote the use of Catalan
    in educational institutions, he came to Estonia to teach Spanish and Catalan.
    Hector has been a Spanish teacher at Centro Picasso in Tallinn for six years.
    He focuses on enhancing the spoken language skills of his students, taking care of basic grammar
    structures. Therefore he likes researching new materials and tools to make his classes enjoyable and
    productive for the students.
    Hector likes nature, history, reading, traveling, and cooking. Apart from Spanish, he also speaks
    Catalan, English, and basic Estonian.

  • Raul Ramiro Troitiño
    Raul Ramiro Troitiño Head teacher

    Raul was born in Madrid in 1972.

    He finished his university degree in Tourism at the University of Madrid and later obtained a degree in pedagogy.

    After numerous trips to Latin America as a senior Cabin Crew member in Air Europa for 12 years, Raul dedicated himself to language teaching, he completed ELE courses and has been teaching Spanish as a foreign language for the past 14 years.

    He is the director of Centro Picasso in Tallinn and Riga schools. In addition to teaching, he also organizes Spanish summer camps in Spain since 2010 where more than 500 students from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have participated.

    Together with the team of teachers at Centro Picasso, he is the co-author of the textbooks for studying Spanish at levels A1 and A2 in schools.

    Raul had been Spanish teacher at Tallinn University of Technology for 6 years.

    He also was the Founder of Centro Picasso in Vilnius in 2010.

    Each month he organizes several activities related to Spanish culture in Centro Picasso schools and events in cooperation with the Embassy of Spain in Estonia.

    He focuses a lot on enhancing the spoken language skills of his students, making the classes enjoyable and participatory. He likes to use a creative and fun approach in his classes to make students feel comfortable and more open.

    Raul likes nature, different sports, culture, travelling and cooking. Apart from Spanish, he also speaks fluent English, Italian and basic Estonian.

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