22.04.2023 at 11:45

Argentina – after our school principal spent a month there in 2022 and 2 weeks in 2023, it’s finally time to summarize the most beautiful places in this country. Come and discover what Argentina has to offer and why it continues to be one of Raúl’s favorite destinations after 14 years as a flight attendant.
We will be joined by many of our friends from Argentina, who will tell us about their home country as well as the curiosities and differences of living in Estonia. In addition, we will give you many useful tips for traveling to Argentina and other Latin American countries.
Centro Picasso offers wine, coffee, tea and sweets.

Centro Picasso students: free
For all others: 10€

When the presentation is over, let’s go to our friends’ restaurant ´´Siga La Vaca´´ (one of the many places in Tallinn where our students get a discount with the Centro Picasso friend card), where we have reserved a big table for our students.
Under the guidance of Simón and his entire team, we will enjoy the best pieces of Argentine gastronomy and, of course, excellent wines.
If you want to come to the lunch, but you are not yet a student at Centro Picasso, contact us and we will reserve a place for you.

P.S. Everyone pays for the food themselves, so we can choose what we like best and ask for separate bills.

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