NEW GROUPS in January 2020 for A1-C1

starting from 13th of January till 20th of March 2020

Lessons time:

Monday/Wednesday at 08:00, 10:00, 16:00,18:00, 20:00(2 academical hours)

Tuesday/Thursday at 08:00, 10:00, 16:00,18:00, 20:00(2 academical hours)

Friday 10:00, 14:00 (4 academical hours)

The course will cost 300 euros ( in 2 parts 150 eur, in 3 part 100 eur)

It does not included the study materials that are 38€
Maximum 7 people per group.
Registration starts 01.12.2019
Discount: 10% discount if register in December and make the first payment in December 2019
Please note, 1 academical hour is 45 min


The course does not include study materials.

The studying materials cost 38 euros. It includes the book plus the class materials given by the teacher to complement the lessons. The books are for one academical year as they include two levels in the same book. It is just 19 euros per semester on materials.


How you can pay

You can pay the course at once, or in different payments. If the student wants to pay by parts then it is necessary to mark it on their registration form. The student has to compromise to pay the full amount of the course independently from the frequency he or she has participated in the lessons, or even if he/she decides to drop the course.

The groups that will have a teacher whose mother tongue is Spanish will be in Spanish with help in English. Normally the students help each other and the teacher when some word is not understood.

The course fee also includes:

Some private lessons with the teacher to the student, who has joined a study group when the semester has already begun and needs some help to acquire the same Spanish language level as the group.
Some private lessons with the teacher to the student, who has been absent from few study sessions with a compelling reason and needs some help to acquire the same level of Spanish language as his/her classmates.
If a student cannot continue with the course with a compelling reason, the invoice of that semester has been paid entirely and the student informs us on time then we will save the unused number of classes for the next semester.

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