He has attended several universities, having started at age 17 (“U.B.A” Or, Universidad de Buenos Aires) and later continued his studies in 2009 in the “Universidad de Belgrano”. His first university background is related to South American Law. But given the fact that he moved to Europe, he decided to continue his education in TLÜ (Tallinn University). He then switched careers to a Bachelor in Humanities in order to pursue his real passion in life, which is to teach languages.

    Ignacio speaks fluently 3 languages (Spanish, English, Russian).

    He has studied and reached a B.2 Level for Estonian and Croatian-Bosnian-Serbian, and has reached an A.2 level for Ukrainian and Bulgarian.

    He enjoys taking courses on the history of languages and how they are structured, as this historical feature helps us understand better how we create our languages today. He has studied by his own accord: Old English, Old Spanish, Old Norse, Old Germanic languages, Southern Slavic history and the development of all Yugoslavian languages and other related topics. He has taken courses on the comparison of the Slavic Languages grammatical structures, and how all Slavic languages are different amongst each other.

    He has attended Argentinian universities, The Zagreb University for Philologists, The Philological department in the Wien University of Austria and, TLÜ in Estonia)

    He has opened his very own Language and Music MTÜ Studio in Tallinn. He is also a musician on the side (as his favourite hobby), and he offers vocal lessons, guitar-violin lessons, musical theory lessons, speech health lessons, speech improvement, amongst other courses. He has had background and courses in Post Modern Neuroscience (“Epigenetics”, the science behind how memory works, and more).

    Ignacio likes sports like rugby, football and bodybuilding. He has competed in the Estonian professional stage where he received 3rd place against some of the best in Europe (2019). He enjoys translating documents, phrases, books, and texts of all kinds and forms.


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